The Second Arrival — 9 Comments

  1. You have to give Zelensky a point – being the professional actor he is, he delivers his script with perfect intonation and apparent sincerity every time, regardless of who the random audience happens to be. The combination of script-writers and performer in perfect harmony is excellent.

    Almost brings to mind those other great actor/leaders, Ronnie Reagan and Tony Blair, both of whom could deliver the exactly appropriate words with immaculate timing and apparently deep empathy. Complete tossers it’s true, but great performers nevertheless.

    • He is certainly a master of the speech. I couldn’t imagine any of our mob in a similar situation – they’d just stutter and splutter and sound slightly pathetic.

  2. Send in the clowns, don’t bother, they’re here.
    Z was/is a comedian, installed as a Davos/WEF puppet to do NATO’s bidding.
    The one-sided media reports should not be believed about what’s happening.

  3. Was he wearing his “I am but a humble pollie, just one of these guys (© ACL Blair) who die for me” green combat sweater?

    • Good Grief Ian! You’re only here a wet Monday and you’ve become a radicalised Irishman already?

      • Ha, ha! Obama used to make the same speech around various countries – filling the gaps as applicable.

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