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  1. As we are all aware, every scare prediction about the climate nonsense over the past 30 years has proved to be laughably wrong, so there’s no reason to think this will be any different.

    But careers, pensions and brownie-points are at stake, so they’ll carry on repeating the garbage just as long as we carry on paying them. Therein lies the solution, stop paying them and the climate will look after itself as it has done for millennia (including after numerous ‘ice ages’ when, miraculously, the climate magically warmed up without a single power station or internal combustion engine to take responsibility – spooky that.)

  2. They know it is all crap. But it pays terrific wages. They know cutting CO2 emissions is crap.And starves plant life. Electricity from windmills and solar panels is crap. Forty ton battery powered trucks is crap. Battery powered airliners. Crap.
    The simple point is they do not want any of these idiotic objectives. What they want is the appalling damage that will be inflicted on society and the economy by trying to deliver them. The waste of money in the form of misapplied spending will at the reckoning be Galactic. Meanwhile Africa would welcome better food water transport. OAPs might like to eat and heat at the same time.
    They want the money misapplied. They want misery and mayhem then they can install the Great Reset. Digital money.Chinese style social credits etc. Owning nothing but being happy.
    These Marxists have played a very long game.But the final steps are easier and easier to see.
    They want the side effects of this nonsense so they can install their New world Order.

  3. Accurate satellite temperature measurements are upsetting these gravy-train riders – it’s hard to dispute the obvious lack of a warming trend when it’s harder to distort the figures.
    Most ground-based temperature records have been from sites which were once rural, so mostly unaffected by mass transport. Their Stevenson Screen enclosures protect against direct sunlight effects, but increased urbanization has made many of these measurement sites unsuitable – there are now some at what were once small airports with grass runways, but are now vast expanses of concrete, so having locally elevated temperatures recorded.
    As Matt says, it’s all crap.

    • I remember seeing a load of photographs of Stevenson screens located at the end of runways and under heating outlets. I would imagine that a Beoing’s full take-off thrust would be quite warm?

  4. The politicians claim that they can change the climate, but none of them have the decency to ask us what climate we would like.
    Me? I would like the Mediterranean climate we were promised all those years ago.
    Anyway, they are going after the wrong element, Carbon. It is sneaky Oxygen that is the villain.
    What are the most effective greenhouse gases? Dihydrogen monoxide and Carbon dioxide. Notice something in common? Yes that o so innocent O.
    For the truth about dihydrogen monoxide go to
    We want a 100% reduction in oxygen. After that Mother Earth can start from scratch.

    • I don’t really mind what climate we have provided it includes a few months of guaranteed warmth and sunshine in summer. It would be nice to be able to plan a holiday in advance without discovering I have chosen a cold wet windy destination.

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