Coming to a concensus — 6 Comments

  1. Had to do the same thing last year here in the UK. I sent off the numbered pages with “none of your fucking business” neatly printed on each page and had the Post Office give me a proof of posting slip to show to the gauleiters when they come round asking whether I had responded.

    If anyone in the Census office fainted when they read it I would be inordinately proud.

    • Sending no information just annoys them. Sending false information makes everyone happy [especially me].

  2. Until a year or two ago, I had to complete all such forms for my very aged mother-in-law – what a glorious opportunity to fill all the input fields with ‘out of range’ answers. Never had any come-back on it – even the ‘pregnant 90-year-old’ answer.

    • pregnant 90-year-old’ Brilliant! I think I accidentally put my birth year down as 1850. The Guinness Book of Records might like that?

  3. “Sending false information makes everyone happy [especially me].”

    Indeed. They deserve no help nor cooperation, rather they deserve to be confounded as much as possible. One might however want to minimize the possibility of getting caught and legal penalty. Therefore one might make untrue but plausible returns with as little information as possible.

    In Blighty, it is “The Householder” or somesuch who is responsible for the return, which makes it difficult for them to pin it on anyone who doesn’t admit to a name. And a plausible but minimal return is unlikely to result in follow up…

    Anyway, I certainty couldn’t confirm or deny anything that I might or might not have put or not put in any census returns involving fictional residents (But fcuk ’em and their census, they deserve the fate of Carthage IMO).

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