The future of the number — 6 Comments

  1. My favourite moment is when you swear down the phone at the stupid message and the voice says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that.’

  2. “It’s pretty obvious that you will just have one number”

    And you will be getting the message stating you are currently number 2,851 in the que. Your wait time is approximately three days, 17 hours, and 30 minutes. If you wish leave a call back number…(and so on and so forth).

  3. I was in hopes of finding an area code 666 to help with a snappy comeback. However a quick check on google shows area code 666 is not assigned anywhere.

    (I was holding out for Washington D.C.)

  4. I’ve often wondered if you just press any old button regardless of the nature of your call would it make a difference, are they all sat there tightly coiled waiting for my call in their own specific department

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