Mother’s Day — 4 Comments

  1. It is, of course, nothing to do with mothers (or even mother’s or mothers’) – it is Mothering Sunday which, in the distant past, was a day when folk working away, usually lowly live-in domestic staff, were give the day off in order to visit their home, or ‘mother’, church in their native parish. Not much marketing to be made from that boring situation, so the thing has morphed into the card, flower & chocolate expenditure frenzy we see today.
    You did much better than that by getting a free day’s land-labour – and you didn’t even need to give birth personally to qualify. Well done.

    • Indeed you are right. My ma was a stickler for traditional English titles and would have blanched at “Mothers Day”. Maybe that’s why I subconsciously got it wrong?

  2. We ended up with four daughters in all. Each of them now has a brood of their own.
    From a tactical standpoint Mother’s Day (and of course now Father’s Day with the sons in law added) ranks right up there with the Normandy landings on D Day.

    • It has crossed my mind that I could potentially soon be a Great Grandad. Though I sincerely hope not…..

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