Living in a minefield — 7 Comments

  1. My cats are the same when they get old, I tolerate it as they can’t help it but I do wonder why it happens. I have one at that stage now.

    • It’s the first time I have come across this phenomenon. We have had several dogs that lived to a ripe age but this is new and a bit strange [for me]. It doesn’t bother me unless I step on something soft in my bare feet in the dark.

  2. The Biden years?
    Which got me thinking.
    When I was but a lad I used to see lots of white dog shite. Like thick chalk sticks.
    What are dogs fed that makes them shit sticks of chalk?
    Now, hardly ever. Do I see such dog poo.

  3. According to Wiki, the white turds were due to commercial dog food having a high beef or bone-meal, hence high calcium content, so ‘chalky’ is exactly right.

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