On feeling full — 7 Comments

  1. Okay, so you’re normal. Its those who claim to understand that worry me – there are lots of them.

  2. And it’s cold and wet and they don’t want to be here anyway.

    The refugee stories have little to do with Ukraine and much to do with ethical posturing and sanctimonious speeches

    • Agreed Ian, Leaders of any and all countries simply want to be seen as doing something helpful for refugees from Ukraine. If I had any spare cash to bet, I would wager none of them will be opening up a spare bedroom for these folks.

      • And of course us Irish have to be seen as a beacon of light. It’s all about what the neighbours will think.

        • Well, if you catch Old Joe in the right mood, he may be willing to loan Ireland the Statue of Liberty for a few years. If you sweet talk him, he may even agree to have the U.S.A pay for shipping.

          (Not a big deal, were broke anyway.)

  3. I think the 200,000 number is just some bloviating politicians massive virtue signal. “Hey! look at us we’re much nicer than everyone else!”

    It’s just so nauseatingly saccharine.

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