The Persistent Pedant — 10 Comments

  1. They request all that crap in hopes that you will simply give up, walk away, and never darken their door again. This way they can get back to Velma’s retirement party and finish that piece of cake you so rudely interrupted with business.

  2. Contact your local Shinner TD. (He doesn’t know you would never vote for him).

    The banks wet themselves at the thought of the Shinners coming after them after the next election.

  3. Many of our bills, gas, leccy, house insurance etc, used to be in joint names, but gradually utility companies and the like have removed the second name and send bills, or address online stuff, to just the first name – usually me. Most new accounts only allow for one name on the application. Our bank cards on our joint account used to be in the form Mr A Woodsy42 and Mrs B woodsy42, ie the actual account name, both had the same card number but just recently replacements have been sent which have different card numbers and only show one name on each. A pain in the arse because now I can’t tell which card goes with my personal account and which one is for the joint account.
    There seems to be a deliberate downgrading of marriage nowadays and everything is being done in only one name so his wanting a bill with both names is just being difficult.

  4. Can’t say we Brits never did anything for you Fenians: we bequeathed you a bureaucrat layer which has flourished and developed way beyond our hopes. Enjoy!

    • Grandad is more a United Irishman than a Fenian, more Joyce than Yeats, more Behan than Kavanagh, more Beckett than Heaney!

  5. Had a similar thing with the pension company. I told them by email, very politely, about a recent change of address and received a barrage of letters demanding all sorts of proof that I was who I think I am. Driving licence, passport (originals, not copies, not even countersigned by the Archangel Gabriel), recent utility bills (all done on line these days, no paper bills). I baulked at all this a bit and had a think. For a couple of months … and then reasoned that, because I am unjabbed, pure-blood and therefore unclean, it is most unlikely that I will be travelling to forrin climes in the near future and so decided to risk the passport in the post. It was sent back with a brief covering letter saying that they had reluctantly agreed that I had moved house. Fast forward another few weeks and the bloke who is wrestling my pension from the grasp of Sun Life of Canada contacted me to say that they are refusing to have anything to do with him because they don’t recognise the new address …

    And they wonder why people become apoplectic with frustration as a result of their monumental and cloth-eared stupidity. It’s a good kick in the arse they need. Repeatedly, until common sense eventually dawns.

    • In my case I had to jump through the hoops just to sign up for the Gubmint website which is supposed to be the online version of all services combined. I found the Social Welfare section [Pensions] and told them about my new bank account. My Carers Allowance didn’t change over however [also paid by Social Welfare] only to discover that I had to change that separately in a completely different section of the site [Family!].

  6. Ah yes…the convenience of today’s technology. Sometimes friend; other times your worst enema. (Nope, not a typo.)

  7. I’m surprised he didn’t ask for blood samples and a letter from both sets of parents.

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