On reflection — 7 Comments

  1. When I was a stripling people were advised never to mount a mirror above the fireplace.
    Young ladies would check their appearance in said mirror and their dresses would go whumff. (Sound of cotton immolating)

    • I heard the same advice. I’m not bothered though as the last time the fire was lit was well over a year ago [I bet the fucking crows have built a nest in the chimney again]. And sadly there are few young ladies around here these days…..

  2. Please take care not to break it or we will have 7 years of hearing about your bad luck – apparently. Although you can mitigate it by burying the broken bits by moonlight – also apparently, according to the same experts.
    Like Doonhamer I also was warned about mirrors over an open fire.

    • My biggest fear was hitting a pothole while driving back with it. I had visions of finding shards of glass in the back of the car when I got home. Mounting it will be a bugger, so that’s the next danger time.

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