As free as the air — 2 Comments

  1. I used to help out on a satellite forum (until I said something they didn’t like, and promptly demoted me). I still have an ageing receiver, and remember that I stopped letting it do automatic scans for just the reasons you discovered. Instead I went to one of the sites which list all geostationary satellites (and the transponders they operate), and picked only the ones with programmes I was interested in. It did mean having to manually input frequencies and other data, but stopped the channel list becoming full, which then caused all sorts of problems. I have a motorised dish which can “look” at more than a dozen satellites, so it was very easy to run out of channel memory.

    As far as having multiple receivers connected – do either of your boxes have a “Loop Through” socket (LNB “Out” as well as LNB “In”)? If so, you can make this the master unit, with the other becoming the slave by connecting that “Out” terminal to the “In” of the slave. When the master is in standby mode the slave should have full control of the LNB on your dish.

    • It does have a “Loop Through” but don’t have the connections to experiment.

      I’m using the Auto Update just to get the damned thing working. For some reason it has suddenly failed to detect DBS signals from the local transmitter. he whole thing is just an exercise anyway as we’re not dependant on it.

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