More power to your elbow — 11 Comments

    • It depends on where your fuse-box is? Now if it’s on the wall behind that pile of old paint tins, bottles of paint thinner and canisters of lawnmower petrol…

  1. I had a sneaking suspicion that a bit of satire was involved there. You couldn’t have lived to ‘Grandad Age’ otherwise.
    Either that or there is something to that “Luck of the Irish” after all.

  2. Always keep one hand in your pocket and no hand jewelry.
    Not advice to you Grampa, but for others who poke about in sparky stuff.

    • When I joined the television factory I was told about the hand in the pocket rule. It was a good one as there was a tendency to stand – right hand poking in the guts of a live chassis and the other hand leaning against metal rails securely bolted to the floor.

      However, I don’t know if you are well practised in climbing a ladder with your hand in your pocket?

  3. “My first experience of electricity happened when I was a wee kid”

    I was 8 years old when I discovered 240 volts can give you a bloody good kick. I’ve repeated the experience a few times since…

      • Ah, but I was running an extension lead in my bedroom. I had laid the flex out, stripped one end back and fitted a 13amp plug. I then inserted this into a socket and started stripping the other end. NOT the correct sequence to follow…

  4. Another tip: if you have to test for a live circuit by hand, when there really is no other way, touch the possibly live part with the back of your hand/fingers. If it’s live, the reflex action will quickly pull your hand away. (Touch with the palm side and you could die – the muscles will tightly close your grip and it’ll be nigh-on impossible to separate yourself from the leccy.)
    I learnt this when I started with electrics – it’s saved me many times.

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