A reversal of fortune — 8 Comments

  1. It could be worse – she might be on computer somewhere – I bet she can’t remember the password!

    • Her password is “incorrect”. She is very impressed at how the computer always reminds her.

  2. What a palaver over a bank account. It takes 5 minutes over the net here in UK plus there are at least 3 banks offering about £150 incentive for our business. Plus free banking and free withdrawals from atms which I know are charged for in many countries. We are lucky indeed so far.

    • They have gone crazy here about money laundering or something. It’s irrelevant that Ulster Bank knows me as a trusted person, they still have to wade through mountains of paperwork just to prove I am who I say I am. The worst part is that somehow I have to get Herself into the bank just so they can watch her sign a piece of paper. It’s irrelevant that this involves wheelchairs and stuff.

  3. You should have pretended to be a Russian oligarch* wanting to launder your millions of ill gotten roubles. the account would have been opened in double quick time.

    * Whatever that is?

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