Raindrops keep falling on my head — 6 Comments

  1. I have had similar issues with getting quotes recently. But lots of builders hate giving quotations, preferring estimates (as then they have some ‘wriggle room’ for the inevitable increases they’ll try to add).

    • I’m aware of that little nuance so I just ask them initially for a ballpark figure. Still no replies.

  2. We’re had this problems with OH workshop, leaking roof, had loads of people out over last couple of years. Two actually did some work,. Didn’t make any difference.
    Nobody cares anymore, think they can do it, Read the Dummies book for roofing lol.

    • Welcome Innocent! I’m going to have to do the job myself during the summer. Lots of YouTube I would imagine.

  3. I wish you the best of luck grandad. I used to do all of my own repairs on the house but as the years passed sheets of plywood seemed to get heavier, crawl spaces got tighter, and the top of my ladders seemed to be much farther from the ground than they once were. These problems were solved by retiring, selling out, and moving into a rental.

    I was not real keen on the idea of renting, but we bought a travel trailer large enough for the two of us to live in if need be. It isn’t ideal but we can follow the birds south for the winter if we so desire.

  4. It’s exactly the same here (High Peak in England). No one wants to do a small job, and when a job is larger, but complex, they either don’t turn up or say they’ll quote but never do.
    What they all want is the simple, but large and (to them) massively profitable- a refitted kitchen, or a two-storey extension, or a conservatory.
    I can’t remember a time when people were so workshy, and yet so sly about it.

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