Out of tune — 9 Comments

  1. So that’s where the name for the Deep Purple album came from!
    You’re doing well to be able to get your fingers to grip the fiddly little *****s, let alone see them w/o three pairs of glasses!

    • I have no idea why they are called machine heads, though some call them tuning keys. Twelve of them is a lot of machining and it wrecks my head so maybe that’s it?

    • I was put off them by being sent to piano lessons as a kid. I can’t remember what grade I was pushed up to but it put me off keyboards for life.

  2. I have a little plastic handle thing for winding machine heads – which of course are intended to be stiff so they don’t unwind. Very simple and I think it came as a freebie with a magazine many years ago, I have never seen one anwhere else It’s such a brilliant idea, although I’m still pleased I gave away the 12 string, it was a bloody nightmare to restring and tune with the extra tension!

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