The horror to come — 7 Comments

  1. Strange that the problems that Long Covid cause are the same as are being reported as caused by the weird vaccines.
    Sounds like a Stay Out Off Jail Free card.

    • But we all know the vaccines were tested before release? Surely they must have run proper trials? After all, Big Pharma said they were completely safe.

  2. Oh, to hell with them all!

    To quote a Hank Williams lyric “I’ll never get out of this world alive.”

  3. I have been reading a list of the symptoms for Covid. Most of them sound very much like a common cold to me.I am now convinced having read them that I must have had Covid several times during my life.Here in New Zealand we are still trying to prise the doomsters sticky fingers off our lives and get back to normal.I have been heartened to follow Dr John Chapman on Youtube, he seems to be the only doctor who is not frightened by illness and gives a measured and comprehensive account of what has and is likely to happen as the virus mutates.He has access to figures from all over the world and takes a realistic approach to the interpretation of them.

    • You’ve had it rough down there [I still can’t figure how you all fall off the planet, seeing as you’re upside down]. A policy of trying to prevent a virus reaching a country is worse than useless. Unless of course you’re happy to live forever in total isolation….

  4. The real problem is, we have a Labour Govt that is useless and opposition parties who are even more useless. Still the Peasants are now revolting and show no sign of giving up. The falling off the planet thing,strong glue and willpower.

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