So much for being inclusive — 6 Comments

    • At least they can’t complain about ‘we’ and ‘I’. Who would have thought though that those tiny words could be so catastrophic?!

      • My last employer before retirement was the state of Oregon. About a year before the grand day of my retirement an email was sent out to all employees that suggested we specify in our outgoing emails our preferred personal pronouns. I exercised my option to decline doing so.

        Within a week half of the emails received had (She) (Her) or (He) (Him) included in the signature line.

        These were supposedly educated people. Why they bought into this nonsense is beyond me.

  1. There’s a play by J B Priestley, ‘When We Are Married’, based on the premise that three middle-aged, respectable, pillar-of-the-community couples, all celebrating their 25th Anniversaries, suddenly discover that the ‘vicar’ who performed the marriages may not have been adequately qualified, thus they had all been ‘living in sin’ all that time.
    Maybe that’s where the Brazilian non-priest got the idea.

  2. I have no recollection of the event as I was only six weeks old at the time. According to my parents, the deed was done at Sacred Heart Parish in Klamath Falls Oregon. Father William Casey officiating.

    Since none present other than me are among the living, I have a 50/50 chance.

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