A sign of times to come — 9 Comments

  1. There was a loud breaking of wind in the middle of the classroom on Tuesday and all masks were immediately pulled up over noses. “See,” I said, “I told you that you would find them useful.”

  2. My wife bought me a cloth mask with a wire insert to shape around the nose and this is the only one I can wear(very reluctantly) without fogging my glasses. I was amused to read the disclaimer on the packet that it would not protect against dust, smells or biological hazards,so useless in other words. I only wear it when absolutely necessary and am hopeful that now that the Omicron variant is beginning to rampage through the country,eventually even Princess Jacinda and her hangers on will finally see sense.Still, an election is due next year and I look forward to seeing her go as she has no chance of winning even with the strange electoral system New Zealand has.

    • It sounds like the one I have. The wire insert is fuck all use as my glasses still fog. There again, I have only worn it on very rare occasions, usually when visiting a medical facility such as a hospital, a clinic or Doc’s waiting room. I usually pull it down so my nose is clear [when no one is looking]. It’s just an exercise in political correctness more than any health issues. Sadly they are heading towards making masks optional in all settings except medical facilities so the band waggon still rolls on.

  3. The hospital at which I work provides us with masks.
    The information leaflet specifically states that they should not be used for anti-viral purposes.

    • Hah! I get the distinct impression that people only wear masks for the psychological benefit [and to comply with the law]. I can guarantee that the vast majority of masks are useless.

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