Mysterious movements — 8 Comments

  1. It’s a good job the memsahib doesn’t read your page otherwise I would be squarely in the frame for this. If our sainted PM (Comrade Johnson) were to trip over an otherwise invisible stone it would be my fault, when anyone who knows me would know that a sock filled with 2p pieces would be far more likely.

    • You’d risk damaging a perfectly good sock? And what if some of the coins were damaged? That would be a terrible crime. A length of gas pipe is much more economical, and easier to clean. So I’m told.

  2. “Neighbours, or maybe Daughter?”

    Possibly it was Daughter’s neighbors. Far less likely to be suspect, but undoubtedly you have done something lately to piss them off. Do you take your pipe when visiting? I ask because I’m given to understand that the aroma of Condor is “off putting” to the faint of heart.

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