On feeling highly strung — 9 Comments

  1. I think “pegs” is the word you’re looking for.

    I could be wrong, It’s happened before. 🙁

    EDIT: I’ve just looked in a book (remember books? they’re like Google but on paper), They are called bridge pins.

    • I had a lot of correspondence with the shop yesterday [Yes – Sunday! I was impressed] and indeed Bridge Pins is the term I was looking for. I don’t ever remember buying them before but must have judging by the odd set in the old 12 string. I now have twelve on order and a set of nylon strings.

  2. I have never achieved the level or nerve required to play in public but have a nice Yamaha 6 string that has super easy action for occasional private noodling. I also have a semi acoustic/electric hollow body Tanglewood which has really light delicate action, ironically so delicate that I no longer have the feel and accuracy in my aging fingers. I used to have a nice Yamaha 12 string but the finger strength and pad pressure needed made that unplayable for me, so I gave it to daughter’s partner who is a real musician and can play stuff. But if Herself really wants to hear you I recommend a banjo. I recently rebuilt an old damaged one (just for fun, I hate to see stuff binned and instrument design fascinates me) and it’s very loud. Sadly in my hands it’s not musical, but loud is good.
    NB, I have always heard of them as bridge or string pegs. Good luck.

    • My Classical guitar is a Yamaha, while the 12-string is a Kasuga [apparently a rarity these days]. Daughter [who must have read this] has just dropped off her 6-string acoustic so I now have the full set.
      I’m going to start my messing with the Classical as the neck is wider and the strings softer so it will be less damaging to the fingertips. I still expect blood at some stage though.

  3. Always slightly in awe of anyone who has the least musical ability. I was steered away from all that sort of nonsense from an early age towards science and academic learning and it was only in later years that I found where I really wanted to be. By that time I was training in all sorts of legitimate nastiness in the service of HM and every minute was given over to improving those endeavours, when all I really wanted to do was play the piano. Interesting how Life turns out. Please play again and show us a recording .. promise not to pipe my eye 🙂

    • Hah! Against all my wishes I was packed off for piano lessons from an early age. Then the parents signed me up for the Royal Irish Academy of Music which I hated with a vengeance. It literally put me off the piano for life. In the end I refused point blank to go and taught myself to play the guitar instead.

      There is fuck all chance of my posting a video……

  4. A friend of mine, an accomplished (acoustic) guitar player, had a Martin D-18 that he had retro-fitted with a classical neck as his fingers were so long he needed the wider neck to accommodate them. He also grew his own picks so he could switch from a “strum” to a “roll” at a moments notice. As for myself, the sound board was my instrument.

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