On moving house — 11 Comments

  1. The trouble is when you forget to switch the thing off and go to watch rugby on TG4 and become mystified that it doesn’t work (I realised I had to return from Seattle!)

  2. You could have picked a more imaginative town.
    Quite apart from having to tell people “Me? Oh I’m in Sydney.”
    When I was out there, temporarily, and using the Victorian railways I found the line ended at Kerang. Imagined the place was full of heavy metal rock musicians.
    There are lots of amusing Aussie place names.
    But if you are happy in Sydney……..

  3. I run into the dreaded “unable to connect” thing once in awhile. I have VPN service through Norton and the problem is fixable by changing the region from USA to Canada. A week or two later when it happens again I pack it in and bump back to the USA.

    I certainly hope the Canadians don’t mind me dropping by for a few days on occasion.

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