On being a Grandad — 12 Comments

  1. What was Penny doing when this was going on?
    Helping or hindering? They sometimes have interesting reactions.

    • The couch where GDtY was lying on is very much Penny’s territory [in Penny’s mind anyway] so she spent the time trying out the best way to reclaim it. She was too polite to carry out her invasion though.

  2. Until you’d belatedly clarified the age of the poorly party, some could have interpreted the symptoms as indicating that you may be on your way to becoming a great-grandad. Phew.

    • Yes. I think seven is a little early to start. Mind you, they seem to be getting younger each generation?

  3. Nearing seventy, I have become a father once more. I had forgotten the sudden projectile vomiting – without warning – and watch in wonder as the crud reaches every corner of the room. And when it’s all been cleared up and I sit in my favourite armchair for a bit of regathering, the familiar dry-heaves begin once again. She does seem to be bright though, and certainly has a great sense of fun for one so young; apparently, lying on the floor and eating something you found under the chair is great sport and she’s discovered that our grumpy old cat provides endless amusement as toys are shoved unceremoniously up its fundament.

    I should explain that Jessie is a jet black six-month old Labrador X German Shepherd and the most beautiful soul I’ve met in quite a while. Fatherhood can be a blessing now and then.

    • You had me worried for a moment there. Fatherhood is indeed a blessing provided your family has a minimum of four legs each. Though I’m a bit dubious about cats.

    • Don’t I have enough caring to do here at the Manor? Anyways, put Daughter and Herself in a room for a day and probably only one would survive unscathed. I’m not saying which one….

  4. My lads seem, thus far, to lack the philoprogenitive instinct. I’m the only one of my sibs to reach replacement quantities. I am somewhat concerned. They are young yet, in the callow mid-20s. With age (I am told) comes wisdom and responsibility. Still waiting!

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