Warble Gloaming is here — 9 Comments

  1. Here in Scotchland this has happened in several recent years.
    Birds start nest building, buds come out, etc.. All the signs of Spring springing.
    Then the Weather Gods give a great guffaw and later on in February or March miserable Winter returns with a vengeance.

    • There was the famous one a few years back where daffodils were in full bloom when there was an almighty blizzard [by Irish standards] that brought the entire country to a halt. They called it “The Beast from the East” or some-such tacky name. That was late March or April?

  2. I can tell you what the yard looks like over here as soon as the fog lifts and a few more inches of snow melts off.

  3. Magpies? You got vampires, my friend. At least according to Sir Terry Pratchett (mayherestinpeace) you do. I envy your weather, sir.

  4. The static wiggle is the North Atlantic Oscillation! I learned that during the first lockdown when I had feck all else to do.

  5. Magpies are the ones that repurpose other birds nests by throwing out that birds eggs and laying their own so that bird brings up the Magpies young. So no need to build any nests at all.

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