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  1. Like many others, you’ve probably had it without any severe symptoms. The latest version is just a cold – without a test it’s impossible to know the difference (& anyway, the tests are inaccurate).
    Best just to boost your Vits C & D, plus zinc for good health, then ignore the medics and media frenzy until they all stop it.

    • By sheer coincidence I was in he chemist yesterday and bought a kit on impulse, for the laugh. I tested it on Herself last night – negative. I wasn’t surprised.

  2. Also see

    I’ve never been in the habit of taking supplements but have this last winter been taking 1k IU Vit D daily on the grounds that a) there seems to be good evidence that deficiency is associated with CoronaDoom, b) we tend to be deficient in winter & c) it is very safe even in quite large amounts.

    And if we do get a nasty cold that might be the Doom, we have Quercetin, zinc, Vit C, chlorhexidine mouthwash and Ivermec (“for the ‘orse” of course).

    Other than that, we try to ignore as much as possible all the attempts by the lying scum who govern us to reduce human life to a mere half existence. We know that we will die of something one day – and most likely not the Covid – and would prefer to have lived well enough to notice the difference 🙂

    • A couple of years ago blood tests showed I had a Vitamin D deficiency. Since then I have been on a daily dose of the stuff. Doc reckons my deficiency was due to excessive facial hair blocking the sun. He’s just jealous as he is thinning on top!

  3. Remember, memoirs are based on the truth, not actually the truth itself!

    (I always think it silly that Laurie Lee’s very enjoyable books were published as autobiographies when they were obviously memoirs. He seemed to come to believe his own stuff and got narky when Spanish civil war veterans suggested his stories might not be completely true).

  4. Back in December ’19 I dragged myself from my pit, feeling like something the dogbloke had coughed up during the night and motored slowly to the yard. Climbed laboriously into the truck and thought about things for a bit. Concluded that (a) at the age of sixty-six I should probably listen to the accountant and consider retirement and (b) I should go home and go to bed for the first time in fifty years because I didn’t feel very well. Two days later I was sufficiently recovered to recommence work. Because the Convid hadn’t been formally introduced to the world I didn’t realise what I had had and so began to spread it about gaily and entirely innocently, as one does.

    Since then, I have been amused to watch successive governments attempt, like Cnut’s courtiers, to stem the progress of the virus as it does what all viruses have always done since Moses was a boy and for them to fail miserably and predictably. Now we watch our own collection of Cnuts, bright-eyed and moist of lip, explaining how we can all stop the tide coming in as long as we all wear a piece of paper over our faces, subject ourselves to repeated inoculations of Dog-knows-what mixtures of scientific pus every time the Pharma companies wank themselves into another frenzy, and just do as we’re bloody-well-told. Well, sorry Old Horse – you can just Foxtrot Oscar. The virus, whatever its origin (Chinese/American joint enterprise enhancements of an everyday cold bug or whatever) has plainly mutated into something as dangerous as a two-day sniffle and the human race is more than able to cope with that. We’ll have to wait to see what the dead-eyed Mengeles wannabes come up with next to frighten the witless out of their underpants.

    Happy days!

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