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  1. I had a couple like that last year. An American female computer generated voice telling me I was about to have my internet connection cut off so please press 1. I did press one and an Indian woman answered but I didn’t wait to hear the spiel so she got both sweary barrels for her attempted scam. It’s always the land line. I expect because these days mostly only OFs have one.

    • There is probably software that cycles through numbers and calling them automatically. They just haven’t got around to altering that software for mobile numbers…. yet!

      We used to be plagued with these cold/spam calls but they have almost completely stopped now. The one I got is now a rarity.

  2. No land lines here. Fortunately (at least for me) my wife gets about three times as many of these calls as I do.
    Hopefully, my attitude has placed me on some sort of “do not call” list.

    • So far [touch wood!] I have only got very few calls to my mobile, down in the single figures. There again I am notorious for not answering calls especially if they’re not on my list of contacts.

  3. I get the occasional scam call.

    Not Alan: “Hello my name is Alan, I’m calling from Microsoft…”
    Me: (laughing) “No you’re not, don’t be so bloody silly”
    Not Alan: [hangs up]

    Not Mary “Hello my name is Mary, I’m calling about your life insurance” (I don’t have life insurance)
    Me: “Which one?”
    Not Mary: “Aviva”
    Me: “OK. First let me find the policy then you can confirm the policy number and…”
    Not Mary: [hangs up]

    • I actually miss those Microsoft calls. Any call that gets my software, bank, insurance company or whatever company wrong is fair game in my book for a bit of fun. That also goes for Amazon or Netflix as I don’t have accounts with them either.

      It’s another [minor] advantage of running Linux!

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