A couple of entries for the diary — 9 Comments

  1. I am concerned about one of the bar charts on the Covid website. Looking at “Detailed Profile of Cases” it gives a breakdown by sex: 331,779 Male, 344,681 Female and 208 Unknown. It is rather worrying that doctors cannot determine the biological sex of a person.

    • In fairness, in these days of utter confusion about genders and all fifty or so variations and combinations, it’s possible the people themselves didn’t know?

  2. What are you moaning about with the web-site? Other than it being a Government project and therefor useless as far as you are concerned. Enlighten us peasants please: what information would you like to see on it?

    • Where do I start? Well, it takes a hell of a lot longer to load, they have replaced clear line charts with bar charts and sections are completely behind the times. For example, the Detailed Profile was last updated on Christmas Eve? Are they still on their break?

      • It loads just as fast as ever for me. Maybe its your computer where the problem resides.

        Bar charts are used where these are best practice and line graphs where these are appropriate. Try a course on Statistics 101.

        The Detailed Profile is only updated when the CSSO provides hard data as is clearly set out on that page. Would you rather have an up to the minute guess?

          • All statistical models are guesses, it’s only that if you’ve got a degree, you’re allowed to call it a ‘model’ not a guess.
            I’d settle for an up-to-date government.

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