Feasting on the Negativity — 5 Comments

  1. Big queue for the booster jab outside hospital in LocalTown today as I drove past.

    Maybe we should treat these ever changing figures as what they are; a marketing gimmick.

  2. Save the ‘boosters’ for those electric cars when they discover that none of them can do anywhere near the mileage claimed before needing an inconvenient recharge. Cretins, all of them.

    • Slightly off topic, but the same shower are now to spend over ninety million to shave ten minutes off the Dublin to Cork rail journey.

      I give up……

      • Only 90 million, cheapskates – the governmental dicks on the other side of the Irish Sea are spending £100 Billion to knock a few minutes off the trip from London to Birmingham. No-one in their right mind would ever want to be in either of those god-forsaken places, so spending all those billions in getting from where you don’t want to be, to another place you don’t want to be, just a few minutes quicker, looks like madness in the extreme.

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