At least it’s not a tsunami — 14 Comments

  1. Your recommendation spookily replicates the approach to pretty much every virus that there’s ever been in the past, where it simply progresses through a population, eliminating any weaknesses, equipping the survivors with useful antibodies, then becomes permanently bearable, then forgettable.

    For some reason our omnipotent rulers (or so they think) decided that this time they’d show the pesky virus who’s boss. We already knew the answer to that one, they evidently didn’t, and/or fell under the bewitching thrall of careerist scientists who lacked any shred of concern for the economy or the liberties of the population. And now they’re all too embarrassed to admit what we already knew, so carry on with the farce ad infinitum.

    Wonder what they’ll do next time? The logical mind boggles.

    • The fashions of language are funny (peculiar).
      The good old “tidal wave” suddenly became “tsunami” which when you translate becomes “harbour wave”. Eh? But it in an obscure language which is good.
      ” injury” became “trauma”. Obscure dead language. Even better. An aside, as an engineer I think that A&E should be A or E. Receptionist “So you have a very high temperature. Was this an accident. No? Ah, I am afraid you are at the wrong place. We are Accident AND Emergency.” It’s a bit Boolean. Ditto for A stabbing. Not an accident.
      A “home” became a “property”. Or more correctly a “pop-ah-tee”. The rhotic will understand.
      “Ultimate” stopped meaning final and now means “great”
      “incredible” now means “great”. Even “great” stopped meaning very big.
      “quantum” no longer means the smallest bit you can reduce something to without changing the nature of that something. Now it seems to mean “great”. In its old sense.
      “National Socialist” became “extreme right wing”
      Humpty Dumpty was right.

      • “Hot” and “cool” mean much the same thing. I am still confused as to the use of “left” and “right” with regard to political leanings. They seem to have switched sides completely. “Awesome” meaning good has finally declined after appearing in virtually every sentence. My vote for most obnoxious word though goes to “staycation”. I want to scream every time I hear it.

  2. And right on cue we have a death of some poor unfortunate “with” omicron announced. No more details at this time.

  3. Shirly you must accept at least some of the blame for this new Irish (O’Micron) scariant?
    (OK, I’ve been saving that one up – I’ll get my coat…)

    Seriously though, this “pandemic” continues to show that you can get most people to believe just about anything if you attach the lies to an emotion like fear. And they stay believing, like cult members, in the face or all clue to the contrary.

    Most of the reaction to the No 10 Party has not been “They obviously believed the rules weren’t necessary” and a realization that all the restrictions were based on a lie. Nope, the reaction has mostly been along the lines “how dare they break the rules that are there to protect us all from infection and a horrible death”.

    Sad really how civilization can suddenly disappear up its own arse.

  4. There’s a sound theory that on the Western Front in 1918 there were two variants of the Spanish flu that emerged. The milder variant was suppressed as soldiers with it remained in situ, while the more deadly variant was transported round the world as troops with really severe symptoms were repatriated.
    Why oh why are our leaders intent on repeating this mistake now in trying to suppress Omicron?
    We are ready.
    The opening line in many a pop concert.
    Oh no, you’re not ready for this, say the Public Health totalitarians.
    Well how much more ready can we be? say the peoples of Northern and Western Europe including the sticky out bits. Bring it on.

  5. Well, it is a bit of a pain in the ass, (not to mention time consuming) to figure things out on your own when we have so many people in some form of authority to tell us what’s best for us.

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