One the road to nowhere — 9 Comments

  1. In the end it won’t matter where you plant the tree. In a few years when it is large enough that it can’t be transplanted, you will conclude that it should have been planted “over there” instead.

  2. Did you ever try “What Three Words” for locating somewhere? The whole world is supposed to be in 3 metre squares, each with a unique set of three words by which it is identified. They claim it is used bt the emergency services in Britain.

    • I use it occasionally, trouble is the average car sat-nav doesn’t use it (yet), so you’ve to use the phone for W3W and that’s tricky when you’re driving (with the sun in your eyes etc…).

        • My problem with that system was in remembering my three words. I tried loads of combinations [having a somewhat large area to play with] and can’t remember any of them.

          • I have to admit, that does become a problem. At about 66 or 67ish my short term memory started going to hell. I was told that problem solving games are helpful with this, I bought a couple of them and can’t remember where I put the damned things.

  3. I had a satnav that insisted a house number be included for a search. I got round the problem by always searching for house number 1.

    • I have used that many times. This time though the road didn’t have a name as it was/is in the middle of nowhere.

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