Counting down the days — 6 Comments

  1. Being devoid of any family since the final parent expired, we’re more than happy to pass the day in our own company, pretty much like any other day.
    Trouble is, friends seem to think that we need sympathy, so one set demands that we join them on Christmas Eve, another for their kid’s present opening on Christmas morning with bacon butties, others for a full-on blow-out on Christmas evening, others for Boxing Day, then it starts again on New Year’s Eve. What should have been a quiet, peaceful period of quality time and domestic catch-up becomes a mutual annual guilt-trip – they feel guilty that we don’t have any family, we’d feel guilty if we declined their considerate kindness.
    If it wasn’t for the pesky virus, we’d have gone away somewhere, anywhere, just to get the peace we’d rather have. But anywhere you do go is festering with fabulously fake festivity, so maybe it’s a campervan on the moors next year. Bah humbug.

    • We are in nearly the same boat here. The kids are all up and out, we get invites and have been a few times and will probably go again at some point; but all the company either of us needs is right here already.

  2. It will be the second year I have been unable to travel to see my grandchildren, I miss them but fortunately I am quite self contained and don’t mind being on my own. Be worse if they were younger but now at the age where their games are the main interest. Still be glad when it’s all over though.

  3. Having been a small child during the war, I got used to not having much at Christmas,so was never disappointed when this continued after the war. I have always felt that Christmas is overrated and am glad when it is over.I used to volunteer to work Christmas Day if someone else wanted the time off to be with their kids .Being now in New Zealand it still feels strange to have Christmas in the middle of summer and even more anomalous to see tinsel and all the associated crap in the shops.

  4. Laurie and I also put up our tree and decorate the inside and lower outside of the house (no ladders for us any longer). This year it’s Laurie who decorated and put the tree (fake) up since I’m still down and out. And, like yourselves, we’ve always spent Christmas day quietly with no presents since we buy things for each other all year around. That way we avoid the C crowds at the stores.

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