Beware low flying trapezes — 7 Comments

  1. Bugger! I meant “Beware low flying trampolines”. Too late to change that now.

    And the washing machine is stuck in the middle of the kitchen as it flatly refuses to slide back under……

    • Dear Grandad

      Your title makes more sense than your alternative, or is this an, um, you know, um, Irish thing?

      Just asking, for a friend…


      • Dear Grandad

        I see your point (even before I read Ian’s comment); it’s a wind thing – ‘trampolines’ does make more sense.

        I’ll let my friend know…


    • “The secret is to reassemble it without having parts left over”

      Many centuries* ago, I was carrying out a complete rebuild of my motorcycle’s engine & gearbox, and afterwards found a metal spacer left over. I had two choices: 1) strip it all down again, or 2) study the exploded diagram in the workshop manual, and try to determine if the spacer really was that important. I chose #2 and it was still running perfectly thousands of miles later…

      * “Centuries”??? It was actually decades, but seems longer…

  2. I saw someone’s garden chair had blown over when I was walking to the tram stop at lunchtime. I was only walking to the tram stop because the school was closed and I decided to venture to City West for a jab. (It was a jolly experience, they have a pianist to entertain those waiting who is so good that I initially thought it was a recording).

    The Department of Education has closed schools again tomorrow, so I shall look out for trampolines.

    This is the sight I would really like to have seen:

    • Hah! I remember that one. Those Minion characters give me the creeps so that one would have given me a meltdown.

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