You ain’t seen nothin’ yet — 6 Comments

  1. The mendacious one utters! Fond-of-Lying, as she’s known, is incapable of speaking the truth. Promoted way above her ability, this Euro shit-show will give many hours of amusement.

  2. Once a big, solidifying, stabilising brick is taken out of the wall, it’s only a matter of time before the whole Tower of Babel edifice collapses and crumbles into a chaotic heap of its own making.
    Sadly, many innocent people will be hurt in the process, maybe they should have chosen to leave the wall before the catastrophe too? But they chose not to. Hey ho.

    • I am honestly waiting for the day. Sadly the Great Unwashed here are firmly of the belief that the EU is some kind of benevolent mother.

  3. I wouldn’t worry, she is utterly incompetent – the German government offloaded her because she was such a disaster. As president of the commission, she can huff and puff, but national governments can ignore her. (Anyone who has had to pay VRT in Ireland will know how ineffectual are injunctions from the EU).

    Should anyone wish to see how bad she was as a minister, there is an account of it here.

    • Ah! Having problems getting the car in?

      And you know what they say about promoting people above their level of competence? Shit floats to the top.

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