The Golden Rules — 4 Comments

  1. I had a dog also called Penny.She had a litter of pups which used to go out with her last thing at night before bed. One night she came back alone and stood outside the back door barking. I went outside to see what the fuss was about and she began running down the garden and back again. I followed her down the garden to the very bottom and she led me over the fence and into the field next door.Going across the field to the deep ditch separating the field from a railway embankment I found the pups had fallen in and were trapped.I got the pups out and Penny then led us all back to the house. Wonderful things ,dogs.

    • Dogs never cease to amaze me. Our previous dog Sandy [a rough collie] had a thing about helpless animals. Several times she called me out to the garden to tend to an injured bird or a hedgehog. She adopted an dove at one point [I have an old photo somewhere of the two of them together] and she also used to mother a pair of guinea pigs.

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