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  1. I’m right there with you grandad. At close to 70 years old “Long Term” anything seems much less important than it would have at 40 or 50.

    My advice to my kids always included a variation of one simple truth, “Life can be an absolute bitch, get a helmet.”

  2. I wrote a little note back in August to the bloke who owns our village ship. He was pressurizing youngsters (inc my Godson) to get the injection:

    Covid Deaths and Vaccine Adverse Reactions

    (Note: all the numbers are from Government data that you can look up for yourself – see links)

    We should not be vaccinating young people. Covid hardly affects them but the vaccine could harm or kill them. There have been 337,064 suspected adverse reactions and 1,536 deaths so far in people who have been “jabbed”. Just one in 680,000 kids died of Covid but one in 30,000 people died after their jabs.

    Key Fact: People who had the jab were over Twenty Times more likely to die after their injections than kids under Twenty were of dying from Covid.

    How would you feel if you pressurised a young person into getting “jabbed” and they suffered long term harm or died?

    It kind-of worked in that the lad still hasn’t got injected and is still working there.

    The 20x figure agrees with other later calculations I’ve seen.

    The really sick thing about all this is that the only reason to inject kids would be to protect the old and vulnerable. That’s because, as you note, The Covid hardly affects kids. But we now know that the injection doesn’t actually stop people getting it or passing it on, and we know that it can harm or even kill them.
    So the question becomes “how many kids do you think it’s OK to kill to (not even) protect old folks?”

  3. Yes, I’m with you. I had the vaccine because at my age I’m well into the high risk group and have fewer years to lose if it malfunctions. Vaccines should protect the vaccinated, so it should be irrelevent what anyone else does, and even though we now know they fail at that basic function the idea of shoving the stuff into youngsters is simply immoral. If they fail their basic function we have no idea what else they may do in the longer term.

  4. I had the vaccine because I also have miles on the clock (60+), otherwise I likely wouldn’t have. I got the astra one.

    They are trying to push this booster (and by remarkable coincidence a new variant has appeared) but I’ve had my shots and I’m not having any more.

    I think this whole thing now just has a momentum all of it’s own and these nodding donkeys will keep on nodding until they are told to stop. What next, vaccination for the unborn?

  5. Everyone who chose to be injected has contributed to bringing about a situation in which there will be no choice.

    • I agree in principle, but many folks had no real choice. I retired in December of last year. Since then, my former employer has made it clear that without the jab, employment would be terminated.

  6. It is indeed mRNA from Pfizer and Moderna. This is gene therapy of course, not a vaccine. I had great reservations about this mainly because of the strong possibility of it causing autoimmune disease and noted the least worse option was the AstaZeneca inoculation and advised my family and friends to have that or nothing. Now we learn from an established US cardiologist and surgeon heading up a Palm Springs institute that it can cause cardiac inflammation and inflammation of the coronary arteries. Not good and not for me and mine.

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