The Ostrich Syndrome — 8 Comments

  1. Yes, as Einstein said about repeating what doesn’t work…

    But it’s worse than just the risk of infection, as the mRNA jabs are causing many health problems, especially amongst the young.
    Previously healthy young men collapsing on a sports field is not reassuring. Would you want to fly if the pilot was jabbed recently?
    And the American VAERS data shows many adverse reactions (& thousands of deaths) post-jab.
    (See and click on the VAERS Data tab.)

    There are now hundreds of GPs warning about mRNA reactions (but most are afraid of losing their jobs if they speak out).

    The fact that medical expertise may be suppressed by non-medical civil servants and politicians is a revelation. I want medical advice from a medic, not some faceless apparatchik!

    • The problem here is that our “experts” are all supposed to be doctors, though there is an alarming number of statisticians and epidemiologists.

      That VAERS data is scary. I note they do include shingles as a side effect which is [personally] very interesting. I fucking knew it!

  2. The reckless over-confidence of politicos, civil servants and so-called scientists is as limitless as it is shocking.

    I know little about immunology but what I do know about viral infections, and they should know too, is that they will progress through an entire population, sometimes with no discernible effect, sometimes causing illness, sometimes death. There is no way to stop them, so the sooner that transit is complete, the sooner the surviving population can forget about it and move on. That’s what happened with the Spanish, Asian and Hong Kong versions in the 20th century: everyone got it, some died, most didn’t, it went away as an issue – but none of those earlier virus events required bankrupted economies, civil lockdowns and elimination of liberties on a scale we thought impossible.

    Viruses are natural, this response has not been – old lessons need to be re-learned, but maybe they don’t want to, the genie of power they have now unleashed and tasted may never quite go back into the bottle.

    • I honestly don’t know what kicked off this current madness. The biggest finger points at the WHO but it still doesn’t explain why every fucking country got tied up in the panic. I’m beginning to fashion myself a tin-foil hat.

  3. Here in New Zealand I was interested to learn that our local annual performance of “The Messiah” was to go ahead without any restriction on audience numbers .I then read that everyone attending,even the choir, had to be fully vaccinated and wearing a mask.Singing the Hallelujah Chorus in a mask? I am firmly convinced that all western governments have lost any semblance of sanity.

  4. Hi GD, I agree. I just read a piece on the eugyppius substack (“Ignorant and Afraid”) that gives an insight as to why they are still doing this. The thesis is that official policy is informed by “official” information, which is curated to agree with official policy (and outdated, still based on the psyops/propoganda that was used to frighten folks into lockdown). The result being that it is impossible for official policy to recognize that The Covid is pretty harmless for most people or that most of those who are at risk are old, frail, fat, diabetic or all of those things. Also worth noting that “miss-information” on t’interwebs is (as a whole) more likely to be correct than “official” information as it wider sourced, more up to date and self correcting.

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