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  1. Could Penny’s reaction have come about after stimulus to her olfactory, rather than her auditory, senses? Just trying to consider all the possibilities, you understand.

  2. Selective hearing, all females possess it – anything that threatens them (like a rogue fart or that tasty au-pair) and they’re all over it like a rash, anything you want them to do and they never hear a word of it. Genetics.

  3. One-sided hearing loss, maybe? With my late dog, I had the same problem for a while to define if his hearing was going or not. Until the day, when on my usual whistle which usually made him truly shoot in my direction – he ran the exact opposite direction, very obviously desperately trying to make out from WHERE the hell the whistle was sounding. He heard it alright, but not from where it came.

    The dog we have now – 13 y border collie – shows some signs of hearing loss now, too. Sometimes you can walk right up to him and he doesn’t hear you until you’re right behind him. He also doesn’t react too well to his name – although we definitely know the right one. I have the theory that, as he grew up in a big pack, he decided to not overdo obedience but always wait for the second or third yell before deciding that, yes, she means ME and not any other dog of the pack. Hubby’s convinced his hearing’s going. I’m convinced he’s exercising selective hearing. Definitely not exclusive to females – I can sometimes see in his body language that he DID hear me but just decides it’s not important enough until I yell and make perfectly clear that I, indeed do regard it as important enough. A whispered “okay” to give permission to roam is NEVER overheard.
    So, I guess it’s a combination of hearing loss, maybe one-sided, different form on different days, and selective hearing. Maybe that’s true for Penny, too?

  4. Post title reminded me of Hear My Song, sung by that lovely Irish man, who was reputed to have a way with the ladies.
    As I know deafness numbs the higher frequencies first and then goes down the scale. Penny will hear the low notes and also the ultrasonic chords that your own hobbled ear cannot discern. So possibly your own emissions are an ultrasonic symphony to a canine ear. A new career awaits you as a shepherd who controls dogs without audible commands.
    Your field name will be The Amazing Mr Lapete O’Mane, the Irish dog whiffler.

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