Jabba jabba do — 4 Comments

  1. Already seen video (not googletube) of what they loosely call police demanding virtual papers please.

    Didn’t work out too well last time they bred some totalitarian with great plans, do they not teach history any more.

    If they allow alcohol in the re-education camps the first round is on me, cash only.

  2. Not that Austria has a record for breeding dictatorial types who move on to neighbouring countries prior to seeking world domination – it’s in the genes. Just sayin’.

  3. Hi GD,
    Most of the things that you suggest seem already to be happening, but civil liberty feathers will not be ruffled. This is because everyone, including civil liberty types, knows that “vax deniers” are disgusting evil people who are putting decent volks at risk. By refusing to get vaxed they have voluntarily brought all of the consequences down on themselves and deserve all they get.
    Coming soon: round ups and camps, especially for “domestic terrorist” types who try to sabotage healthcare and endanger vulnerable people by engaging in protests riots?
    I just read “Martin Lichtmesz on the Dystopic Vaccinator Dictatorship of Austria” which paints a depressing picture. Worth a read.

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