Checkmate — 5 Comments

  1. Please, please, give us his business address. He obviously needs the business and he needs all the good reviews.
    Is there a Trapadvisor for his line of work?

  2. I think if it were me collecting those documents I would be inclined to rip off the mask and cough all over the little shit.

    (After checking to be sure they were all there of course.)

  3. A moment of triumph!

    I remember being in possession of house deeds for a short time before a bank took a charge over them. They made fascinating reading.

  4. I once had dealings with a nosy Personnel Office,(I think it is called HR now ) who were demanding to see my Birth Certificate.It wasn’t the producing that annoyed me as the way in which it was being demanded. I happen to have two Certificates, one that was issued immediately when my father notified the Registrar that I had been born and the other issued when the NHS started . The first carries no mention of name of child or parents,simply that a male child had been born and the date of birth.the second has all the gory details with full names of child and parents.I took pleasure in showing them the first and they had to agree to accept it as that is what it said on the form in capital letters, BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

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