Damn that Seed of Doubt — 5 Comments

  1. Yep, 100% with you there, when I had mine it was just like heartburn. Something I regularly experienced. So didn’t react as I should, I too was stented, given a sack full of pills and sent home. No follow up, no rehabilitation programs, not even a sick note to get me off work (I had to take annual leave).
    But, any twinges, pains, breathlessness and the body panics! The head says its just a twinge, but your emotions tell you you’re dying. Twice now I’ve had the blue light trip to A&E, both were false alarms.
    You feel a right twat wasting everyone’s time. So when the 3rd time comes I’ll feel too self conscious to call triple 9, so that probably won’t be a false alarm, it will be the real wolf that bites!,

  2. Yes indeed. Once it has happened to you every twinge or ache from that day on is a reminder of mortality. But on the other hand I have been worrying about them now for 20 years since I had the first incident. I had another 10 years ago but fortunately I’m still around to worry, so I count myself a winner. For what it’s worth the first one had absolutely no pain, I felt exhausted and just faded out. The second was the opposite, came out of nowhere and felt like I had been stabbed or shot, no uncertainty at all that time around. I keep a blood pressure thing and regularly use it, and a fitbit so I can check heart rate, hopefully they would show a problem more reliably than the quite frequent (and mostly gastric) twinges and aches.
    To be fair Pete I did get a rehab programme, on both occasions. First time rehab was at the hospital and second time around two sessions a week at a local gym overseen by a medically qualified trainer – paid for by the local NHS who were excellent all through. Work on the other hand were very unhelpful.

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