A very small carrot and a very big stick — 7 Comments

  1. Ah. You (we, cos I is a half breed, but then if O’Bama can claim Oirishness, so can I) Hibernians have a way with words.
    If I knew how to I would insert a Father Jack audio visual here.

  2. Freight shipped on battery power? Every driver will be pulling a set of doubles. One trailer for the actual freight and another to carry banks of batteries.

    • I see that now they are fueling aircraft with used cooking oil or somesuch? Every airplane flying overhead will smell like the local chipper?

      • Since smell is a powerful trigger the sale of burgers and fries (or whatever it is you call them over there), will triple. Buy stock in McDonalds.

  3. Petrol cars will soon become unobtainable because manufacturers will stop making them. Think you can carry on using old cars? As demand drops, it’s such a marginal business that petrol stations will soon close and the whole supply-chain will soon dry up, so no fuel available to run those old motors anyway.
    It won’t be about persuasion or convincing, they’ll simply make any alternative unavailable. If the dicks in government remain determined to follow St Greta on all that nonsense, it will take lots of piano-wire for the questioning classes to win.

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