Finding the Holy Grail — 8 Comments

  1. The Clipper’s a very well established product, certainly as far back as the 1960s from my memory, indeed it’s probably the daddy of all the imitators. Still readily available, although whether all now have the refillable and re-flintable feature would need checking. Happy hunting.

    • It’s definitely refillable [I have just done so]. The flint puzzled me until I tried YouTube – it’s not obvious how to change the flint but there’s no problem once you know how!

    • Hah! That actually makes a lot of sense. I had better not say any more [you never know who’s listening?]

      • Clipper lighters are the best invention since sliced teabags. Did you know that the removable part where you insert the flints is great for tightening the roach into your spliff? Clearly this lighter was left there for you by an unseen power who is trying to tell you something.

    • The Zippo I have is still in fine working order. The main problem I had was in getting the local shops to stock the fuel. Also the petrol flame gave a not so nice flavor to the lighting process.

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