Try before you buy — 5 Comments

  1. If you smoked cigarettes, you could have lit them on the gas stove and saved the cost of the lighter.

    • At least I have a gas stove now. The new regulator arrived this morning [there’s service for ya!] and the stove is working perfectly. Not even a whiff of gas off it.

  2. Ah yes. The design of the storage box! Almost all are bloody useless. I have a nice little modelling drill, lovely to use and all supplied in a cosy plastic storage case to keep it warm and snug. But the designers of the case obviously did not consider that the power controller connections were under the unit, or that the jaw clamp pieces extended the drill by a few mm, or the stand was in 2 parts. Consequently the entire thing has to removed from the case and assembled every time, then dissassembled after use in order to put it back in the case. So stupidly annoying when it could have been designed to hold everything assembled and connected ready for use at no extra cost or complexity. Sadly typical of many workshop tools.

    • As I said to Ian above, the stove is now assembled and working. It folds up beautifully into a carrying case and the one small snag is that to carry it I have to also carry the full gas cylinder as the two are now permanently attached. Someone deserves a medal for that design?

  3. I’m not as concerned with the heating and cooking appliances themselves as I am with the cost of feeding them.

    Several of the neighbors here heat with propane and the cost went up by 20 cents a gallon this month. I don’t know what that translates to over on your side of the Atlantic because I never dealt with anything other than dollars and cents; and we never quite got around to adopting the metric system.

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