How to avert the ultimate catastrophe — 13 Comments

  1. Sounds like you are what I refer to as lighter poor. I’m the same with pipe tobacco.

    A few years ago here in the good old USA the FDA decided they should be involved in the oversight of pipe tobacco production. With the restrictions they had in mind I knew a number of the blends I bought regularly were going to be no more. I was getting all the overtime I wanted at work so about 25% the OT check went to stockpiling tobacco. My son, also a pipe smoker looks upon this stash as his inheritance.

      • I appreciate that Sir. Now if I could only get the chief cook and bottle washer to see things that way.

        She will ask occasionally why I have need of so many pipes. (A damned fool question if I ever heard one.) I counter by asking if we should check the coat closet and count handbags. At that point we move on to another topic.

  2. During WWII my dad, an enthusiastic pipe-smoker, placed a standing order with his local tobacconist for 8oz of St Bruno to be mailed weekly to his army location via the Forces Postal Service. That tobacco schedule followed him across Egypt and North Africa, through Sicily and Italy, then across to France on D-Day and all the way through to Germany – in fact, when he was demobbed in early 1946, packs of tobacco kept arriving at his home address each week for six-months afterwards.
    Some fool once said “an army marches on its stomach” – more like on its tobacco-pouch, I suggest.

    • All I can say is fair play to the tobacconist! In those days they recognised the importance of baccy. Sadly that’s now confined to the history books.

  3. Problem is my new Gas cooker requires an electricity supply so the hobs can be lit. (= flame failure device)

    • Welcome Michael! I haven’t heard of that one before. It actually has to be plugged into the mains? Though I suppose my central heating [Kerosene[ relies on the mains too..

    • Usually the FFD doesn’t need power, only the ignitor. Light it with a match and chances are the FFD will still work properly.

        • BUT, if I light it with a match the burner lights but then goes out as soon as I release the knob. It only stays on if the mains are restored while holding the knob in :- Hotpoint dual oven gas cooker. If the burner is lit with the mains on and the mains then goes off, burner remains alight.

  4. I think what Michael refers to is the same gadget that’s called “proof of fire” on a pellet stove which does require power. On the pellet stove this is what keeps the pellets from overflowing the firepot rather than burning if the ignitor isn’t working properly.

    • No, pellet stove needs power to feed the pellets. FFD needs no power, just the heat from a flame

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