If cars were cigarettes — 12 Comments

  1. “I wonder how much “greenhouse gasses” they produced getting there?”

    This doesn’t matter they’re doing it for your own good.

  2. The next step the must be to ban all cars in the outdoors. By way of an explanation, you may of course have a car outside but it will be against the law to start and run the engine within fifty feet of any buildings.

    And most importantly, we know price is a strong deterrent so the most basic entry level car will now cost €80,000+VAT with pro-rata increases across all ranges and a proviso included that every year in the Budget, they go up by a further €5,000 each.

    That should clear the air somewhat, ahem ahem.

    • I actually realised after I published that I had forgotten the step where they ban parking near public places [including pubs and restaurants] and later move to ban cars from any publicly owned spaces [including roads].

  3. They will of course be obliged to have pictures of road traffic accidents and victims displayed on the bodywork , with the slogan “Speed Kills” , emblazoned across the sides. It is of course the same bullshit as “Smoking Kills”, or “Hands ,Face ,Space” which has been drummed into the proletariat, until you believe

  4. I rather fancy “Support Mental Health. Stop electing morons” as a slogan that should be displayed on everything. I wonder if it will catch on?

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