The joys of carpet cleaning — 10 Comments

  1. Well at least you were spared stepping in it barefoot. That will wake a fella right up. Don’t pay any attention to the spots that are now cleaner. After a few more of these mornings it will just look like a part of the pattern.

  2. No dogs in this household–we couldn’t possibly keep up with one but…

    …we have four indoor type cats. This means when getting up and heading to the bathroom in the wee hours of the morning there’s a fair chance in stepping barefooted into a cold pile of puke. And they always seem to know right where to leave these piles of nasty to maximize that chance.

    Hope Penny is okay.

    • Penny is slowly on the mend. She’s still not 100% and is still very quiet but she has lost that “really ill” look.

      There is nothing worse than a squishy turd between the toes [says he from experience]…

  3. My wife told me that when cats are feeling ill or afraid they will purr to comfort themselves. Your wife may have been unknowingly comforting the cat as it was going.

    • I shall pass that on to Herself. That will be a bit of comfort for her. She still misses him but for various reasons has decided not to get a replacement.

      It was a strange departure. He was lying across her legs and purring gently and also “kneading” so was obviously happy. Then he suddenly opened his eyes, made a strange squawk and slumped. I don’t know how I knew, but I did know immediately that he was gone. Presumably it was his heart, but whatever it was – it was very sudden and fast.

  4. At 6.30 yesterday, I was just driving off the ferry at Dublin port, having travelled from Holyhead. Had Penny been with me, her retching might have had a simple explanation. I hope she soon recovers her appetite for chicken

  5. Oh, how well I know the heart-wrenching worries about a beloved dog … sending good thoughts to you and Penny …

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