Metaverse my arse — 13 Comments

  1. How is it they can do all this but can’t figure out how to keep someone’s account from being hacked?
    Priorities Mark; focus on the damned priorities.

      • Maybe he is the hacker. When you get down to it he always seems to have a shine to him, like he’s been freshly polished. Could he be virtual, some Bill Gates creation?

        • It’s the shine you get off the plastic they use on taylors’ dummies. If he is a robot, I wish someone would remove his batteries.

  2. Yeah, the video is a bit creepy. Then again, so is he. I wonder if he’s considering renaming Facebook to Meta…or Metabook…or Metaface?

    I think old Zuck needs to read “The Machine Stops” by E. M. Forster (short story). It’s available as a pdf online if anyone is interested. Anyway, it might be educational for him.

    • Hah! I read it. He should read it all right. But then maybe he already has?

      He says Metaverse. I say Dystopia.

      • May I propose “Land Of The Misfit Toys”.

        (Is it close enough to Christmas to allow for this?)

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