Another conspiracy theory — 9 Comments

  1. It is a common experience!

    Have you driven a country road which routinely has no more than a car or two until the day comes when you are in a hurry and there is half a mile of traffic because they knew you had an appointment and were running late?

  2. I have noticed that if I leave for a dentist appointment (about 22 miles via a country road) with plenty or time to spare it’s clear sailing all the way. But if I’m running a bit late I run into every farm tractor that exists, half of them hauling a manure spreader behind them, road graders, pay loaders plus one old guy doing 25 miles an hour on a 50 mile an hour road.

    It’s inevitable.

  3. There is a theory that this is Hell and unlike the Matrix this is just for you. Everyone else is a virtual person created just to interact with you and then disappear. You are being punished for something you did in a previous life.

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