On being scared — 8 Comments

  1. Couldn’t resist GD, very prompt reply, would take me 5hrs 40 mins, I presume I can drive over the Irish Sea.
    GB here, come on you lot from here and there, how long would it take you?

  2. I risked a single eye peek at the Dundrum site.
    They have the same diversity bias as on this side of Beaufort’s Dyke.
    Although every single town, city, etc. has a Chinese ethnic “cumoonitee” and Chinese restaurants, carry-outs, chippies, etc. They do not exist as far as the diversity loons go.
    Glad to see that BBC radio in Norn Iron has a programme for them.

    • It is a horrible place – all indoors on multiple levels and endless corridors of shops. A nightmare in steel and concrete.

  3. I have a colleague who was in the French Foreign Legion who can be scary, but not as scary as the sort of person in the neighbourhood who might don a ski mask.

  4. We’re keeping our lights off this Halloween as the kids in our (so-called) neighborhood are just screaming little knee biters. But I do like the idea of dressing up like a dentist and carrying around one of those giant syringes for sucking water off a knee. Now where’s my white lab coat?

    • You won’t need the syringe. Just the lab coat and mask. You could be mistaken for a tireless and unselfish front line worker and possibly be given cash along with adoring accolades and maybe even the keys to the new BMW in the garage.

  5. Me myself? I’ve thought ahead by buying about seven or eight rat traps and spraying ’em black for camouflage effect. Leaving ’em randomly along the front path leading to the front door will ensure that not only will they be difficult to spot, but also difficult to navigate.
    Now if I was REALLY sadistic, I’d also place an enticing big bowl of sweets (laced with laxatives?) on the front doorstep just to add insult to injury.

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