The letter of the law — 5 Comments

  1. All my similar documents are kept on-site here in a fireproof safe, plus e-copies backed-up in the normal cycle. To allow anyone else to ‘store’ them is offering them up as future hostages, especially now as all the ‘security’ nonsense just helps them stay as hostages.
    My advice would be to take them home, take your own precautions and stay in control.

    • I’m just pondering the necessity for the safe to be fire-proof. I suppose if the place burns to the ground it would be nice to have proof of ownership of the land and ruin?

      • It’s useful for keeping other valuable/flammable stuff too – like your stash of panic-bought bog-rolls for the next lock-down. If the Manor catches fire and you crap yourself, you’ll be glad of them.
        Here in the UK now, physical title deeds are no longer crucial, the official legal title is that recorded at the Land Registry, a government institution, the old physical documents then become more of historic than legal interest. Mine go back almost 300 years, so feature lots of historical colour.

        • All true. I must keep some baccy in my safe as I’d need a pipe-full after a fire. My own deeds only go back about 270 years. They make interesting reading.

  2. All our documents of this nature are in a safe deposit box in the local bank’s vault.

    I had considered a safe in the house at one point but my memory being what it is; the combination would need to be engraved somewhere on the safe itself. This takes a great deal of the ‘secure’ out of security.

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