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  1. My contingency is a paraffin Primus stove I’ve had for around 50 years, did good service in bygone camping days. Properly hot hob-flame, works on almost anything inflammable you can get hold of, runs for hours so can heat the house as well. OK, they can be temperamental to light and prone to spontaneous explosion but hey, life’s full of risk anyway.

    • Wow! I had forgotten… I have an old Primus stove that hasn’t been used since I moved here. I have the paraffin but would need some meths to prime it, I must dig it out if I can remember where I last saw it.

  2. It was/is quite a ritual getting a Primus going.
    Filling with paraffin, pumping it up, fiddling about with the little pricker, filling the pre-heat reservoir with meths.
    Then ignition, open the paraffin tap and hopefully a ring of beautiful blue flame.
    If not, repeat.
    The other thing we had was an Aladdin brand paraffin table lamp. Brilliant. But do not touch the mantle.

    • I remember the process well. Our table lamp is a good old fashioned one with a wick and glass chimney. We used to have an Aladdin stove but that sadly has passed to the great Scrap Pile in the Sky.

  3. Travel trailer* parked on the lot behind the house, propane bottles full, generator good to go.

    *(This allows us to feel somewhat affluent as we can refer to the summer home and the winter home.)

    I will be pissed off to the extreme if we lose power for any appreciable time, as we are nearly surrounded by those damnable wind farms.

    • A bit expensive, cheating but ingenious. During a power cut, just decamp to the camp as it were?

      • It is only up here at the for the winter months. Late spring to early fall it sits on a small plot we have use of about 60 miles east of home in the Blue Mountain Range.

  4. So how are the pious and the green peoples going to charge their oh so painfully right on electric cars if the power goes out

    • Walk? Leastwise they seem to assume we all are fit enough to walk or are on flat enough ground to cycle. I don’t think their imagination stretches to little problems like that.

      • Anyone who voted green should be forced to turn their own power off and walk everywhere, how many do you think will stick to their principles once it has a substantial impact on their lives?

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