Uninventing the Internet — 8 Comments

  1. A few years ago I came up with a great way of dealing with people who post crap I don’t like.

    I stop reading it. This does not hurt them one bit and my blood pressure stays manageable.

  2. Like you, I’m not into Instagram or Arsebook, but WhatsApp can be useful if you find yourself with no phone signal but you’ve got some wi-fi, as I found only a week or so ago at a distant extremity of the kingdom. It’s also handy for mobile video calls, especially if you’re blagging technical help and can show the area of the problem ‘live’. But as for the ‘social’ aspects of social media, maybe I’m just anti-social.

    • I joined WhatsApp as Daughter had a habit of sending me photographs which would take an age through ordinary texting, or even lock up the phone. Now we can swap files quickly and easily.

  3. Get an obsolete Windows phone like mine
    Facebook, instagram, whatsapp and all the rest of them don’t work on it 🙂

  4. I’m on Facebook and have been for quite a few years but it’s only because my wife’s family is on there plus a bunch of the guys who served with me on the USS Silversides (Cold War sub). Otherwise I never would have bothered. I rarely post anything but often comment and, occasionally, research misleading posts and debunk them. So much fun?

    Maybe I should start putting forth obviously outrageous (public) posts just to see how many Facebookers believe them.

    Or not…

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